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“ Steve is one of the most professional meteorologists I have had the pleasure of working with in my 36 years in the business. His work ethic is unmatched and his dependability is legendary within the office. Whether it’s a quiet, routine day in front of the microphone or a day when he is almost constantly on air, his energy and attention to detail never changes. He’s a pro…plain and simple”


Doug Hill - Vice President, WeatherChief Meteorologist WJLA TV Washington, D.C.


"I had the pleasure of of hiring Steve to fill a role as a Broadcast Meteorologist and Operational Forecaster at WeatherBug. He came highly recommended and we quickly learned why. He is truly one of the most dedicated employees that I have had work for me as he is committed to his job, his profession and also his fellow co-workers. Steve was incredibly reliable, always completing the tasks he was asked to do, even if meant working late and on weekends. And doing the job very well. He worked tirelessly doing anything he was asked to do. When we cut our broadcast department, I strongly recommended the company to keep Steve on because I saw him as an "A" player that would be a benefit to many areas of the business. I recommended we ask Steve to work in a Project Management role - a job he had never really done. Steve took to the new job with a high energy, learning the processes of guiding projects through development and deployment. He did it excellently and showed that he's got the attitude, commitment and smarts to do almost anything and do it very well."


Mark Hoekzema - Chief Meteorologist and Director of Meteorological Operations, Earth Networks, Germantown MD

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