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Cover letter

With over fifteen years of experience in the field of broadcasting, being in front of a microphone or camera delivering accurate forecasts to the public has become second nature and where my greatest talents reside. My experience in television and radio broadcasting has allowed me opportunities to forecast in a variety of weather scenerios with a particular strength in severe weather coverage. 


My skills are not limited to these, but extend into the areas of program and project management, client services and support, data analysis, public relations, and communications.  As a program manager/meteorologist at Earth Networks (which owns the WeatherBug brand), I provide outstanding client services, striving to be as responsive, prompt, and helpful as possible to inquiries and concerns. I serve as a liaison between the internal and external customers in facilitating project objectives through timely updates, transparency, and coordinated communication.

My broadcasting expertise would be especially valuable to your company.  In additional to my full-time job at Earth Networks, I work part-time as a broadcast meteorologist for WTOP radio, delivering reliable on-air weather forecasts and severe weather updates, when needed. I am a dependable voice to the public with proven abilities to keep them up to date, prepared, and safe. I have also served as a TV meteorologist in Binghamton, Syracuse, Dayton, and Wichita, acquiring valuable experience juggling responsibilities in high-stress, deadline driven newsroom environments. I have learned to think on my feet when technical issues arise and deliver the forecast with poise, clarity, confidence and professionalism.  When severe weather threatens, I have done non-stop live coverage while sharing critical safety tips.  This ability to perform efficiently under adversity and stress has proven to be invaluable in delivering outstanding weather coverage.  Please see the links to my demo reel, and other on-air videos to see my work in action.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration, and I look forward to speaking with you. 



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